Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Coupe impression: Artist gets imaginative with the new CLA 45 AMG

The CLA-Class is the coupe of the new Mercedes-Benz compact range. The fact it is still not a proper 2-door model, but only a four-door wannabe, fueled the imagination of an online artist. He came up with a computer rendering of the CLA 45 AMG transformed into a true coupe model.

The profile loses the extra door, the dropping lines becomes more evident and the lower window line meets the upper one in a kink, just like in the case of the C-Class Coupe. If the Germans do not come up with a 3-door A-Class in the end, then at least they should consider building a two-door version on the MFA platform. It could be a hit.

Image Credits: XTOMI

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