Monday, July 29, 2013

PREVIEW: An insight into the AMG's future mid-sized supercar - the Mercedes-Benz GT

Mercedes-AMG is throttling up the development of an all-new supercar. After the success of the SLS AMG lineup, which has constantly grown over the past four years, the Affalterbach firm is filling the gap that exists between the Gullwing and the SL 65 AMG with a proper Porsche 911 killer.

In a world that is busy to save the Planet and be greener and eco-er as each day passes, Mercedes-Benz defies the trend and breaks the barriers of convention with the all new GT or SLC AMG medium class hypercar. The 190 model series will transpose into the series vehicle during 2015. The first to premiere is the coupe (C 190), followed in a year or so by a the roadster version (R 190).

The Mercedes-Benz GT/SLC AMG will be fully engineered by Mercedes-AMG, as its bigger sibling - the SLS AMG. It will feature state-of-the-art lightweight construction, which combines aluminium, alloys and composite materials to trim an athletic chassis. The kerb weight should of the GT/SLC could be dropped by up to 100 to 150 kilograms compared to the 197 series.

The body will be shaped in a modern and aerodynamic way, while retaining the hallmark Mercedes supercar silhouette with a longer bonnet and the shuttle moved towards the rear of the model. To save more kilos, the door mechanism will be a conventional one, not Gullwing nor scissors style.

Under the bonnet, Mercedes-AMG will house no less than three different powerplants. First of all, the entry-level version will be powered by thoroughly revised 6-cylinder petrol burner boasting around 340 hp. The next model raises the stake to 485 hp. This performance level will be achieved by the new 4.0-litre V8 BITURBO M177 powerplant. Last, but not least, the S-Model (which could also be fitted with the Performance AMG 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system) will be the pearl of the crown: equipped with an enhanced variant of the M177 engine, it will boast a peak output of 550 hp.

Some indicate a Black Series model is possible towards 2017. Little can be known at this moment, but the GT/SLC AMG Black Series is rumored to pack at least 585 hp. The purchase rice for the new supercar is expected to start at near 109,000 euros in Germany, which is almost 80,000 euros less than the bigger SLS AMG.

It is worth mentioning that the GT/SLC AMG will not replace the SLS AMG (which also receives a gentle makeover for 2015MY). The two are differently marketed models that will live together inside the Mercedes-AMG range. Moreover, the "GT" particle, which indicates the other possible title of the supercar, was probably chosen as to avoid confusion with the iconic Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC roadster model from the 1970s. We shall see, when the car is unveiled in two years time, the final designation of the C/R 190 project.

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