Wednesday, July 31, 2013

PREVIEW: Early illustrations reveal what could have been the W 213 E-Class

The 213 series E-Class is expected to touch ground by the end of 2015. Recently, a set of images showing some initial sketches (dated 29th July 2011) of the future E-Class have reached the internet, signaled by the W 213 lettering found on one of the drawings.

Signed by former Mercedes-Benz designer Hussein Alattar (currently working for BMW), the drawings reveal a fascinating, quite retro-style design for the executive class limousine. The current design philosophy is evolved into the next step, becoming even more progressive. The headlights resemble an arch and the radiator grille, although rounded, is pointing ahead. When seen from profile, the front section looks like the fascia of a shark.

The roofline looks dramatically arched, with the side windows being completely modified compared to the traditional design of the current days. The C-pillar is triangular and continues fairly close to the bottom end of the car. The third volume, the trunk, is shorter than expected and looks like it has been integrated into the whole architecture - fairly similar to a fastback sedan.

The profile is extremely neat and clean and it features larger and more pronounced wheel arches. While the front overhang is short, the rear overhang is long - a perfect antithesis with the long engine bonnet and the almost seamlessly integrated trunk. All in all, if ever approved by executives, the opera of Hussein Alattar would probably have looked sensational in flesh and would have brought a revolutionary view to the classic Mercedes-Benz design philosophy.

Image Credits: Mercedes-Benz Passion Blog

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