Monday, July 29, 2013

SPY: First sighting of the future 2016 Mercedes-Benz GT/SLC AMG (C 190)

Mercedes-AMG has just recently begun testing its brand new sports weapon in the mid-class segment: the new GT supercar, which could also be badged SLC AMG, is destined to arrive in the second part of 2015, with the world premiere probably planned for IAA Frankfurt the same year.

In numerous occassions we have debated on the issue of the future AMG supercar. At one moment, there would have been hardly any chance of the car making it onto streets as a prototype. Now, out of the blue, the first development vehicles have rolled off on the tarmac of Germany.

The engineers have been caught while they were taking the promenade at the wheel of a pre-series GT/SLC AMG vehicle near firm's headquarters in Affalterbach and inside the town. If you make a comparison with the renditions we have showcased in a previous article (see HERE), you will see the digital artist who came up with those CGIs were pretty accurate.

The philosophy based on the progressive approach of forms will ensure the design of the new AMG supercar ends up being even more thrilling and youthful when compared to the SLS AMG. At the same time, details such as the exterior lights, the front wings and apron and the rear diffuser will be added with a dose of sharpness which is set a load of sensation when seen. The single-louvre grille will further increase the heartbeat through the visual connection with the successful Mercedes-Benz performance cars from the past.

The GT/SLC AMG will be smaller in length to the SLS AMG, but the general proportions will be the same: a long engine bonnet with the cabin moved towards the rear extremity. Given the heavy cladding near the door, we can speculate this supercar could be 4-seater, although a 2-seat architecture is more likely given the dwarfed space behind the front seats.

Intensively speculated as an opponent to the Porsche 911, the C 190 will also target Nissan GT-R - no wonder they are testing it alongside this model as visible from some spy shots. Both sports cars are tough contenders, nonetheless, but the GT/SLC AMG will clearly set apart from its competitors.

Among its strong points: the ultra-lightweight architecture based on alloys, aluminium, composite materials and CFRP and the impressive engine list, combining both 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder units with outputs ranging from 333 hp up to 550 hp. The dedicated AMG management programes and systems, as well as the specially designed components (wheels, brakes, suspension etc.) will further increase the pleasure of driving a true supercar.

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