Tuesday, July 30, 2013

REPORT: Mercedes-Benz mulling a future GL-Class Coupe

Never has an automotive segment been so alert and ever-changing than that of SUVs. Once seen as pure fads, the city 4x4 began to quickly win masses of clients over the years. A development of the traditional SUV is the Sports Utility Coupe, in fact the same 5-door configuration with a rakish roofline which makes it more dynamic. Mercedes-Benz will its first vehicle of this kind, the MLC, in 2015. And this will not be the first on the list.

The Germans intend to build a similar version for the future GLK as well and now we have heard the GL-Class might also receive a coupe brother in the following years. It is said Mercedes-Benz wants to compete with the anticipated 4x4 luxury coupes from BMW and Audi, namely the X7 and the Q8. Of course, the Tuscaloosa facility from Alabama, USA will be the assembly location for the new model.

The GL-Class Coupe (C 166??) is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2016 and it will display a sporty attitude and a more dramatic styling than the normal X 166 model. We think this model will be intended as an S-Class SUV, so expect a luxury atmosphere inside, garnished with tones of technology, refined trimming materials and state-of-the-art equipments to ensure the maximum level of comfort.

Some journalists suggest the title of the GL-Class Coupe will be GLC, but remember - that has already been booked by the GLK Coupe. So, the GLS badge (rumored a couple of years ago) seems the most appropriate in this case. However, it would be wiser to wait for an official confirmation of the GL-Class Coupe from Mercedes-Benz before dreaming about any scenario.

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